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Shindig Virtual Book Event, Thursday May 3rd, 6-7PM (EST)Meet the author live via the web! Ask questions, have your projects featured, and see what Kristin's mending now! RSVP for here. 


Q&A + bonus "How to use a darning egg" with Kristin Roach in Craft Sanity Magazine - Issue #6 (coming soon!) 

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"...a fun reference guide as the title implies, but also contains a nice assortment of projects to inspire on your journey to repair, reuse and repurpose. It's a book you can either read from cover to cover while relaxing with a cup of tea, or pick it up and quickly reference the section you need for a repair. I love that this book teaches everything from sewing basics to advanced repairs, all while feeling as if you are sitting with your grandma or great-grandma learning how to sew and mend..." ~ Read the Full Review on ThreadBias

"Even though I read Kristen's blog regularly, I was still amazed at just how much information is in this book. There were techniques I'd never considered (weaving a design over a hole)and useful tidbits that made me wish I was just getting into sewing now so I wouldn't have to figure them out on my own." ~ Amazon

...a practical and easy to follow handbook for deftly and artfully tackling nearly any clothing repair one might encounter...a stand out reference book for seamstresses, crafters and slow fashionistas of all skill levels." ~ Read the Full Review on Slow Clothes  "...she (the author) seeks to empower her readers by teaching the skills they'll need to mend nearly any piece of clothing, from ripped buttonholes to torn hems." ~ Publishers Weekly

"Great techniques and ideas. Already lent to friend." ~ Good Reads

"Not only did I walk away from this book with a better understanding of mending and repairing an assortment of items, the beautiful pictures inspired all sorts of crafty thoughts to swirl through my mind!" ~ Amazon

"I found it to be, not only a beautiful book, but one full of refreshing and creative ways to bring new life into worn down pieces of clothing."  ~ Amazon

Kudos to Kristin Roach and her contributors for making mending cool. This book offers just the right mix of practical instruction and creative inspiration to motivate readers to repair their well-worn, favorite garments.
- Jennifer Ackerman-Haywood, CraftSanity